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The GDF is the independent, cross-party, university policy group at the University of Göttingen. Made up of its student representatives from the ADW (WiWi), ADP (Philo), DAF (Jura), DAS (SoWi), UL (Agrar), 11 Freunde (Sport) and other independent members, the GDF is committed to the student body at the University without a general political orientation. The GDF currently has one of two student members in the Academic Senate. GDF representatives are also involved in the various university-wide (Senate) committees and various working groups.

The GDF stands for service-oriented and independent commitment at the University of Göttingen. You as students are at the center of this work. The GDF does not argue about world views, but pragmatically stands up for your interests. They demand a fairly negotiated semester ticket and campaign for comprehensive support for first semester students at student council level. With them, you can get to know the work in the university committees, get involved yourself and get involved.

The GDF regularly reports on its work in its publication, the "Wadenbeißer"

You can find more information about the GDF on the official homepage


How can I join you?

At the beginning of each new semester, there is an introductory evening at the GDF. This gives you the opportunity to “get a taste” of the day-to-day work. 


Important! You are also welcome to get in touch with us outside of the official get-to-know-you evenings and attend one of the upcoming meetings. We always meet on Mondays from 18:00 c.t.



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